Remote Control Flying Bird

Check out our Remote Control Flying Birds! Extremely durable bird weighs less than 1/2 oz. Flies indoors or outdoors for 5-8 minutes after a 15 minute charge. Comes with easy to understand detailed instructions that will have anyone flying in minutes.

Remote Control 360 Stunt Car

Check out our Remote Control 360 Stunt Cars! Independent controls for the left and right wheels make fancy stunts a snap. Pop a wheelie and then slam into a 360ยบ turn to turn the car into a giant lighted top. 4 different control frequencies are available so 4 cars can race each other at the same time.

Magnetic Levitation Devices

Check out our Magnetic Levitation Devices! These amazing devices are sure to draw a crowd to your Redemption Counter!


Looking for our Airzooka page?

Remote Control Helicopters

Check out our 3-Channel Remote Control Helicopters! These helicopters are Hobby-Shop Quality, with All-Metal Frames, Electronic Gyroscopes for stability, and 3-Channel Remotes for Omni-Directional Movement.

Watch the video to get a closer look at the helicopters, and then to see one of the helicopters in action!

Color Changing Glow Globe

Our 3" Color Changing Glow Globe silently changes from one soothing color to the next, with varying shades in between. 2 sets of batteries included.

LED Twist Motion Lamp

Four twisted columns slowly turn without getting tangled, while continuously changing colors.

See the LED Twist Motion Lamp in Action

LED Light Bars

LED Light Bars give that added flair for your game or display. Our LED Light Bars run on a standard 110V Wall outlet, and can be chained together to run off a single outlet.

See the LED Light Bars in Action